Costa Rica: Privacy and COVID-19: An Orwellian paranoia?

by | Apr 9, 2020 | General

We are facing a pandemic with a scope never seen before in modern life, where the main paradox is that, in a highly connected world, connections put us at risk of infection.

We are living in difficult times in practically all sectors, and privacy is no an exception. There are people already proclaiming that life, as we knew it before the pandemic, has ended forever. In this context, the end of the right to privacy is also beginning to be considered.

In practically all existing regulation on the data protection, personal data related to health is considered sensitive data, that is, data specially protected in terms of processing, collection and disclosure. But also, in most laws, restrictions are established on the right to data protection in cases of public interest, for the protection of vital interests or for the correct administration of public services, especially those related to health. These restrictions in most jurisdictions must be supported by law.

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