Scotland: Update on various topics

by | Apr 9, 2020 | General

Our member law firm MacRoberts from Scotland share many new articles on their websitewith the following topics:

FAQS & Practical Steps for Business in Scotland

Practical Steps for Personal and Family Matters

COVID-19 09/04/2020 COVID-19: Financial support package for charities announced

COVID-19 07/04/2020 COVID-19: Scottish Business Resilience Centre on Leadership Resilience

COVID-19 07/04/2020 COVID-19: Scottish Business Resilience Centre on Cyber Security & Fraud

COVID-19 07/04/2020 COVID-19 and the construction sector (as at 7 April 2020)

COVID-19 06/04/2020 Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: Your questions answered

COVID-19 06/04/2020 Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) Update: Expansion

COVID-19 06/04/2020 Impact of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill on litigation in Scotland

COVID-19 03/04/2020 COVID-19 and payment of rent: What can be done?

COVID-19 03/04/2020 COVID-19: Keeping contact alive during isolation

COVID-19 02/04/2020 COVID-19: What can your business do to boost its immune system?

COVID-19 01/04/2020 COVID-19 and Distance Direct Marketing: Adapting to social distancing customers

COVID-19 30/03/2020 COVID-19: Impact on Scottish Courts and Tribunals

COVID-19 27/03/2020 COVID-19: Guidance to signing Scots law documents remotely & electronically

COVID-19 27/03/2020 Scotland takes domestic abuse seriously

COVID-19 26/03/2020 COVID-19 and Data Protection

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