About us

The project of our Italian firm – oriented towards international business – was started in the early nineties, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe markets.

As the passion for our work inspires our choices, since the foundation we have reached remarkable results in Italy and abroad. Pioneering the establishment of offices in Eastern Europe, together with an organic local growth, we have gained expertise in Eastern countries laws as well as in recently developed legal markets (energy & renewable, sport and gaming), offering clients a wide spectrum of legal and tax assistance locally and transnationally, with a strong focus on Italian and foreign enterprises internationalisation.

Clients recognize our full and proficient support, with a partnership that goes well beyond assistance on legal and tax aspects; we witness long lasting close relationships and solid loyalty with our clients, who request not only technical solutions, but also a side -by- side support for strategic choices: we are always at the forefront, renewing our commitment by investing in professionalism, research and innovation to preserve our identity and independence.

Assisting means understanding different needs. Our goal is to care about our clients’ interests as we would do with our own, and we strongly believe that competence, experience, understanding and reliability are a promise to be kept towards our clients who entrust their interests to us.

These values drive all our choices and we are always committed to give constant support to clients also by cross-border and multidisciplinary teams of professionals with a high level of experience and knowledge. We undertake to meet the expectations of each profile, enacting the best practical and fast solutions with great attention to details.

Because we care.

Contact details


Via Borromei, 9
20123 – Milan
Phone +39 02 859191
Fax +39 02 860468


Via Principessa Clotilde, 7
00196 – Rome
T +39 06 362271
F +39 06 3235161


Via Trieste, 31/A
35121 – Padua
Phone +39 049 658655
Fax +39 049 8787993


Str Academiei, 39-41
010013 – Sector 1 –
Phone +40 31 4254030/1/2
Fax +40 31 4254033


Torre Drin
Ruga Abdi Topani – Tirana
Phone +355 (0) 4 2250711 – 2
Fax +355 (0) 4 2250713


Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, 298°
11000 – Belgrade


Via G. Valentini, 8/A
59100 – Prato
Phone +39 0574 29269
Fax +39 0574 604045


Via Del Coroneo, 33
34133 – Trieste
Phone +39 040 366419
Fax +39 040 0640348


Via Giosué Carducci, 19
80121 – Naples
Phone +39 081 422784
Fax + 39 081 418801


Via Vincenzo Lanza, 14
71121 – Foggia
Phone +39 0881 707825
Fax +39 0881 567974

Key contact(s)

Francesco Marchini

Tonucci & Partners, Via Borromei, 9, 20123 MILANO

T. +39 02 859191
M. +39 3358012570
F. +39 02 860468

Oreste Marchini

Tonucci & Partners, Via Borromei, 9, 20123 MILANO

T. +39 02 859191
M. +39 335283030

Nicola Spadafora

Tonucci & Partners, Via Borromei, 9, 20123 MILANO

T. +39 02 859191
M. +39 3356671852


4 countries
in 1994

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate and M&A
  • Banking and Finance
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Antitrust, Competition and EU Law
  • Sport
  • Information technology and privacy
  • Investments, Financial instruments and Market regulations
  • Project financing
  • Employment Law and Industrial relations
  • Media, Entertainment, Gambling & Betting
  • Energy
  • Administrative Law
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Corporate insolvency
  • Tax law and Tax planning
  • Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance
  • Real Estate
  • Public Procurement, Concessions, Anti-Corruption
  • Domain names
  • Family, Private Wealth and Succesions Law
  • Insurance Law

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‘InterAct Law is not only a rapid expanding group of trusted international colleagues, but it is also a group of interesting people, and even a team of good friends.’

Joris Lensink • Chairman Interact Law, Partner at De Vos & Partners, The Netherlands

‘The close relations to law firms in other countries around the world are extremely helpful for our clients and our firm by having reliable and highly professional business partners.’

Christian Heimerl • Germany

‘If I ask for some advice, I get it in a very fast and uncomplicated manner.’

Martin Pulver • Switzerland

‘All of our meetings are really great. Sharing experience with renowned firms of such diverse cultures is really interesting.’

Ricardo Madrona • Brazil

'We have found a great group of professionals, friends and people. Being part of this group is an outstanding experience’ 

Ricardo Chacón • C&R Mexico