Personality, free thinking, and ingenuity: these are the qualities expected from a lawyer who wants to join VANDENBULKE.

About us

VANDENBULKE is an independent and specialist firm focusing exclusively on legal practices paramount for the international financial centre of Luxembourg: corporate, banking, finance and tax. The firm was established in the purest Anglo-Saxon traditions to respond to a dramatically growing international demand for more responsive and sophisticated legal services in Luxembourg. VANDENBULKE’s team of lawyers is built to dedicate its expertise in significant transactions requesting the right blend of civil law and common law knowhow as well as the in-depth understanding of international transactions. VANDENBULKE aims at providing clients accustomed to quality service of London magic circle or NY white shoe firms a similar level of expertise and service in the Luxembourg market.

VANDENBULKE is the forerunner of a new generation of law firms built on a creative organisation, leading-edge technology, cost-efficient services and pragmatic expertise. From its inception, VANDENBULKE has pioneered new ways of providing legal services based on high specialization, partner-and-business-centric-approaches, responsiveness and flexibility.

Instead of purely adding individual expertise or relying on a multitude of groups of lawyers focusing on different products, we derive significant competitive advantages from the synergy of our specialists and our team-prevalence approach. In addition, this strategy allows us to build up our expertise from a variety of specific corporate finance deals that we advise, instead of merely recycling deals like traditional firms.

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Managing Partner

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VANDENBULKE, 35 Avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg

T. +352 26 38 33 50

F. +352 26 38 33 49


1 country

founded in 2005

8 languages

Areas of expertise

  • Acquisition Finance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Benefits, ESOPs and Executive compensation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

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What Our Clients Say

‘InterAct Law is not only a rapid expanding group of trusted international colleagues, but it is also a group of interesting people, and even a team of good friends.’

Joris Lensink

Chairman Interact Law, Partner at De Vos & Partners, The Netherlands

‘The close relations to law firms in other countries around the world are extremely helpful for our clients and our firm by having reliable and highly professional business partners.’

Christian Heimerl


‘All of our meetings are really great. Sharing experience with renowned firms of such diverse cultures is really interesting.’

Ricardo Madrona


‘If I ask for some advice, I get it in a very fast and uncomplicated manner.’

Martin Pulver


“We have found a great group of professionals, friends and people. Being part of this group is an outstanding experience”

Ricardo Chacón

C&R Mexico