Peru: Some tax considerations when investing in companies in Peru

2022/03/07 — Some tax considerations when investing in companies in Peru by Jorge Luis Otoya Cabrera, Principal Partner, Estudio ... Read more

New Publication: A general guide to GDPR and its impact within and outside the EU

2021/11/04 — The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 marked a significant milestone in the evolution of... Read more

Greece: update on the recently introduced labour law

2021/07/02 — Greece: update on the recently introduced labour law    The July Newsletter of our member Politis & Partners fr... Read more

British Citizenship for Hong Kong Nationals

2021/02/22 — British Citizenship for Hong Kong Nationals: Navigating the Visa and Tax Rules   Our members Hugill&Ip and BDB ... Read more

Luxemburg: Our member VandenBulke also mentioned in the French legal guide “Leaders League”

2021/02/11 — Luxemburg: Our member VandenBulke also mentioned in the French legal guide “Leaders League” After having been crowne... Read more


2021/01/27 — Luxemburg: Our member VandenBulke winns best European Specialist Law firm of the Year  at The Lawyer European Awards ... Read more

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