COVID-19: 5 legal challenges facing the sports industry in Spain

How to win the match against Coronavirus? Challenges and opportunities

Covid-19 is having an enormous social and economic impact, a fact the sports industry is not immune. Regardless of the sport, the country or the magnitude of the sport competition, the last two months have seen a continuous trickle of temporary postponements or definitive cancellations of leagues, competitions and other events.

In what state has the pandemic left the sports industry in Spain? What are the legal questions that flow from this? What legal instruments does Spain have to mitigate the situation? What is the legal position of key stakeholders in this industry, particularly, sponsors and broadcasters? And are there opportunities in this scenario? In summary, what challenges does Covid-19 present for the Spanish sports industry and how do we best deal them?

The consequences of the Covid-19 crisis in the sports industry have captured a lot of media interest in the last weeks. Here-below we answer five legal points that are particularly relevant to the short and medium-term on the future of the sports industry due to their economic significance.

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