FAQs for employers and employees related to changes made to the Greek labor market due to the COVID-19 outbreak

The Greek government, like other governments around the world, has taken a number of measures through the adoption of legislative acts and ministerial decisions to facilitate and support the labour market, employers and workers affected by the emergency and temporary measures taken to address the consequences of the coronavirus - COVID 19 pandemic.

These supportive measures concern mainly specific businesses and employers, which the government has found to be affected depending on their activity. In particular, it concerns a) employers which are suspending their business following a government mandate, such as schools, restaurants, shops, as well as b) private sector employers, which are severely affected by the negative consequences of the coronavirus - COVID 19 outbreak, even though their business was not mandatorily suspended.

To read the full FAQ article, please download it here. It has been created by our member law firm Politis & Partners in Greece.