Law firm management in France: projects and values

by | May 29, 2019 | Older News

How to manage a law firm? Ségolène Dugué knows it all, as managing director of Cohen Amir-Aslani in Paris. She shared great insights of daily life at Cohen Amir-Aslani, where her role is both internal and external, including managing client expectations and delivering the best client service.

Sustained performance

Ségolène Dugué presented on the firm’s projects and values, which are centred on a structure that is durable and strong to allow evolution. Their values are defined in proximity, sustained performance, conviviality and kindness. Dugué compared their structure to a beehive, mentioning team spirit, independence, a sense of belonging and purpose as the most valuable criteria for the lawyers. This focus on values, says Dugué, results in sustained performance, a reactive approach, personalised answers and a full comprehension of client’s needs.

Ségolène Dugué (Cohen Amir-Aslani) on Law Firm Management (download ppt)

Interact Law

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