PPP’s in Latin America report shows 17 law firms collaborating cross-border

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Rosane Menezes, Infrastructure and Regulatory partner at Madrona Advogados, was hired by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to prepare a report with best practices for public private partnerships (PPP’s) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report was based on data gathered through research on legal frameworks.

Members from Peru and Mexico

The infrastructure team of Madrona Advogados, alongside the IDB and GIHub teams, analyzed the current legislation of 17 countries and established guidelines to improve the legislation in this region. Madrona Advogados counted on Interact Law-members Muñiz Law (Peru) and Chacón & Rodríguez (Mexico) as local law firms with the expertise necessary to review the information of each country in the report.

Peculiarities of each jurisdiction

The paper represents an extraordinary source of information on the legal and institutional framework for PPPs in each country analyzed, with contributions by top tier firms presenting the peculiarities of each jurisdiction. To achieve this, there is analysis of each country’s PPP law, how it works, what is a PPP according to the applicable law, and if there is an institutional framework to support it. The paper also provides a conclusion on whether or not a successful PPP is possible within the current legal framework of the analyzed countries.

Perfect tool for investors

As a result, the guide proves to be a relevant tool not only to governments in all countries in the region that may use it to improve the quality of their PPP projects, but also to investors interested in investing in these countries.

Download:  Report, Fundamental principles in PPP-laws in Latin-America and the Caribbean

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