Remote working rules worldwide

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Overview of remote working rules worldwide

To avoid the further spread of coronavirus, employees across the global economy must work from home where possible. This also impacts the labour-relations for multinationals with staff in several jurisdictions. Do employers know which rules apply? Are they allowed to force staff to work remotely?

Global clients

Since remote working laws worldwide show a wide variety of rules, multinationals are no longer aware of remote working legislation for their staff. In order to inform global clients well about this unclear situation, we invited labour law experts from our member-firms to give an overview of these regulations for each jurisdiction.

Unconnected time

It’s not surprising remote working laws vary in each jurisdiction. Some countries adapted quickly, others didn’t change their labour laws at all. In Chile, for example, workers have the right to unconnected time for a minimum of 12 hours per day. During these hours, employees cannot answer messages, orders or other requests. In England, a move to home working will necessitate an amendment to the employment contract, unless home working provisions are provided.

Main answers for multinationals that employ remote workers

In a very informative booklet members of Interact Law provide answers to the main questions of multinationals that employ remote workers. The document gives a brief insight into global employment rules regarding remote working.

Download the brochure Remote Working Legislation Worldwide

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