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Latest Publication on remote working

To avoid the further spread of coronavirus employees across the global economy must work from home where possible. Clients that cover several jurisdictions need to know what the laws around home working are in these areas. During the pandemic employers and their staff have had to adapt quickly to create safe working environments. Laws have evolved and previously unconsidered rules have had to be enforced.

That this booklet will provide some answers to the questions below:

1 Do remote workers have the same rights as those working in the office?
2 Is there a right to, or can workers be forced to work remotely?
3 Should a remote workplace be registered?
4 What about a risk prevention protocol for remote workplaces?
5 Should there be terms for a remote employment contract?

This document gives a brief insight into global employment rules regarding remote working.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the expert in your country if you need to know more. If your jurisdiction is not covered (yet), we’ll also be pleased to connect you with one of our contacts in the legal industry.

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Interact Law provides international information of our member firms on the impact of corona in various jurisdictions in the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local law firm or Interact Law in case you need legal assistance. We have collected the news from all our members on our special news page here. Also a collection of FAQs on Insolvency, Force Majeure and Employment and Labour are available for you.

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Pacific Alliance: the seventh largest global economy

Attractive market for economic growth: The Pacific Alliance represents an initiative to establish a regional integration amongst its members: Peru, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. An alliance that aims to create attractive markets in order to foster international competitiveness, and therefore, to support and achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

In our brochure, businesses can find answers on these main questions: how can foreign investors profit from Pacific Alliance and what can our lawyers do for businesses investing in the Pacific Alliance countries? Contact us.

China Services by Interact Law members

Several members of Interact Law provide legal advice for either Chinese businesses or Chinese Law firms, looking for legal assistance abroad. Thanks to the close collaboration of our member firm Ecija with the Chinese law firm Grandall Law, we can provide our clients direct access to trusted lawyers all around China.  

We have created a special page with an overview of all our member law firms you can contact for China related information, services and advice in the various jurisdictions around the world.

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GDPR is here to stay

The new EU rules on privacy apply to every non-EU company. So, every company dealing with personal data relating to offering goods or services to EU citizens, or monitoring EU citizens’ behaviour occurring within the EU. The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25 May 2018. And it’s here to stay.

For more information on this topic, download our GDPR brochure, or get in touch...

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