Hong Kong: Carly Fan and Carmen Tang discuss the impact of COVID-19 on civil litigation on the World Litigation Forum

by | Sep 14, 2020 | General

Carly Fan and Carmen Tang of our member firm Hugill & Ip in Hong Kong discuss the impact of COVID-19 on civil litigation. They go through the issue of Force Majeure clauses and changes related to court hearings in Hong Kong. These include legal basis of remote hearings and new modes that have been recently implemented, for example video and telephone conferencing facilities, as well as hurdles faced by the local Courts during this unprecedented pandemic.

World Litigation Forum aims to enhance the effectiveness of Litigation Laws by organizing interaction between Legal stakeholders, including both the public and private sectors. The World Litigation Forum is devoted to providing a platform to bring together legal professionals from around the world to connect, network, develop business. It also addresses and discusses the latest legal trends, IP Litigation Issues, Impact of GDPR, current issues & challenges in Law.

Due to overwhelming concerns about COVID-19, the 11th World Litigation Forum 2020 Amsterdam canceled its in-person conference in The Netherlands, and instead shifted to an entirely virtual experience with Virtual World Litigation Forum 2020.

You can see the video here

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