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The specialist firms that make up and form Interact Law all share the same aims and goals; to provide the very best service to their clients. Through recommending expert lawyers with strong international connections, firms are able to provide an array of services that one firm alone may not have the capacity to do.

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Members have the ability to work and liaise with other members in a majority of jurisdictions; contribute to the network and seek further legal advice and…

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Belgium Everest Law
Bulgaria CEE Attorneys
Croatia CEE Attorneys
Czech Republic CEE Attorneys
Denmark Advodan
England & Wales BDB Pitmans
France Cohen Amir-Aslani
Germany ljh Lindlbauer PartmbB
Hungary CEE Attorneys
Italy Quorum Legal
Luxembourg Van Den Bulke
Nederland De Vos en partners
Nigeria AEC legal
Poland Octo Legal
Portugal Antas da Cunha Ecija
Romania CEE Attorneys
Slovakia CEE Attorneys
Spain Ecija
Switzerland Wenger & Vieli
Ukraine SLA Attorneys
Zambia P.H.Yangailo


Hong Kong Hugill & Ip