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Latest Publication on remote working

To avoid the further spread of coronavirus employees across the global economy must work from home where possible. Clients that cover several jurisdictions need to know what the laws around home working are in these areas. During the pandemic employers and their staff have had to adapt quickly to create safe working environments. Laws have evolved and previously unconsidered rules have had to be enforced.

That this booklet will provide some answers to the questions below:

  1. Do remote workers have the same rights as those working in the office?
  2. Is there a right to, or can workers be forced to work remotely?
  3. Should a remote workplace be registered?
  4. What about a risk prevention protocol for remote workplaces?
  5. Should there be terms for a remote employment contract?

This document gives a brief insight into global employment rules regarding remote working.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the expert in your country if you need to know more. If your jurisdiction is not covered (yet), we’ll also be pleased to connect you with one of our contacts in the legal industry.

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