Hong Kong: COVID-19 Protecting your child’s data privacy

by | Apr 23, 2020 | General

Our member law firm Hugill & IP in HongKong published a new article: COVID-19: Protecting your child’s data privacy:

To reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and safeguard students’ health, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong (“EDB”) first extended the Chinese New Year holidays for all schools to 16 February 2020. As the virus continued to spread and developed into a pandemic, the resumption of schools was indefinitely deferred; classes are suspended until further notice. However, the EDB has advocated for “suspending classes without suspending learning” since early February 2020. Most schools have adopted the approach, moving to online learning platforms in addition to video-conferencing between teachers and students. These advanced technological solutions enable children to continue with their education, but concerns have been raised regarding data privacy and protection of students; increased usage of online teaching tools can collect vast amounts of students’ data, rendering them vulnerable to misuse or leakage of personal data if unfortunately placed in the hands of a hacker.

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