Spain & US: Sponsorship agreements in the Sports industry beyond Covid-19: Legal challenges

by | Jun 7, 2020 | General

Sponsorship agreements in the Sports industry in Spain and United States beyond Covid-19: Legal challenges

Regardless of the country, the sport or the magnitude of the competition (domestic or international), the last three months have seen a continuous trickle of temporary postponements or complete cancellations of leagues, competitions and other events. Without doubt, the impact of the Covid-19 in the sports industry is enormous from a social and economic perspective in United States and Spain. This leaves a great number of questions to tackle and one of particular significance is how sports sponsorship are affected. Sponsors are a key stakeholder within the Sports industry in Spain and United States. Hence, their decision how to act will certainly have an impact to the short and medium term future of the sports industry due to the economic significance of this income for events, teams and athletes.

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