Brussels meeting: Interact Law meets Silicon Valley

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Capital Markets Now & in 2020: This informative client panel will be a feature of our biannual meeting in Brussels 7 to 9 November 2019, hosted by Everest Law. 

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Is Your Business Attractive for Sale or Fundraising? This is the central question the breaksfast-panel will discuss, including the metrics behind selling a business and making it attractive for investment with comments on economic planning for 2020 from a global perspective. 

Our main guests will be Vijay Rawat and Philippe Ledent. Vijay is an experienced advisor and managing partner at GrowthPoint Technology Partners, a Silicon Valley based company that provides M&A and financial advisory services to technology companies around the world. Philippe is chief economist at ING Bank, responsible for economic scenario and structural research in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Client panel participants: 

– Vijay Rawat, Growth Point Technology Partners (Silicon Valley, USA and London, England)
– Philippe Ledent, Senior Economist ING, Belgium, Luxembourg
– Danilo Mininel, Madrona Law
– Mike Siavage, Trusted Counsel
– Stéphane Bertouille, Everest Law

Vijay Rawat will discuss capital markets in the US and EU from the GrowthPoint perspective, including exit cases they have worked on and how do businesses prepare for and know when the time is right for exiting. Philippe Ledent will share his knowledge from a finance point of view, adding a global economic outlook to the discussions.

Mike Siavage will discuss venture capital investments in the United States, including the process for raising investments from a company perspective, the typical structure involved and the NVCA documents that funds use in the United States. Mike’s presentation also includes a special segment on unicorns.

Danilo Mininel from Madrona in Brazil is going to cover capital markets in South America, particularly Brazil, and Stéphane Bertouille will cover the European perspective.

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