I need a reliable lawyer abroad. NOW!

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Older News

When we receive emails from members, asking for a reliable correspondent in another country, their client needs legal assistance on the other side of the world, now.

Most of the time, we can answer immediately, recommending an experienced specialist in a specific country. It is particularly easy for us when the answer is a member of Interact Law.

As it turns out, we can also help when there’s no Interact Law member in a specific country, because we have a lot of well-connected lawyers in the network, with professional contacts all around the world. So, yes, you can turn to us at Interact Law to find you a trusted lawyer anywhere in the world. It is easier, quicker, and certainly safer than googling it.

How to find a reliable lawyer abroad in three steps

1. Look up a member on our website: www.interact.law/members

2. Ask your firm’s Interact law key contact to help you. Don’t know who the key person is at your firm? Look on our website: www.interact.law/members

3. Send an email to: erikjan@interact.law, describe the case in three lines and indicate the country where you need a lawyer. We will help you out right away!

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