Madrona Law: Investing in Brazilian infrastructure

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Older News, Pacific Alliance news

Brazil has countless investment opportunities in all areas of the infrastructure sector. Billions of Brazilian reais will be invested in energy, logistics, telecommunications, sanitation and mining in the coming years. To meet these challenges, the country will need to attract domestic and international private capital.

Understand where the opportunities are

The first part of the guide Doing Infrastructure in Brazil, shows the country’s current economic and political data, and helps investors build a picture of what the context is for the privatization plan advocated by the government. It also brings information on the current landscape for each of the infrastructure areas – energy, sanitation, logistics, telecommunications and mining. The researched data helps investors understand where the opportunities are.

The guide then explains what the legal guidelines are to invest in the country. By putting together background information and the legal framework to invest in the infrastructure sector, investors have the tools to make educated choices about the investments they intend to make in Brazil.

Download the guide or the executive summary of Doing Infrastructure

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