My Interact Law week in Barcelona

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Peru meets Spain

We all have commitments, busy schedules and budget restrictions that prevent an easy flow of lawyers throughout the network.  That’s why, in agreement with my partners in Lima and upon a discussion with Gabriel Nadal, we decided to organise a week long visit to Ecija in Barcelona, where our Interact Law adventure started almost 3 years ago.

Closer relationship

Estudio Muñiz was invited by Gabriel Nadal, managing partner of Ecija Barcelona, to join Interact Law, in 2016. While we work ha‎rd to keep good relations with law firms around the world, we were enthusiastic about the option of having a closer relationship with several firms through an established network. We decided not to be only a member of the network but an active member of it, and use all the advantages of being part of it. This exchange week proves how fruitful that can be.

With not much pressure than just having a space to keep up with my regular work from Barcelona, I enjoyed the chance of experiencing how my colleagues from Ecija organise themselves. I met all of the partners, and probably most of the staff of the firm and over several lunches, dinners and coffees we were able to discuss on ideas and strategies for business development.


After a week in Barcelona I feel that I was part of the team and that I brought the spirit of Interact to my Ecija colleagues. As a result of it, we have already got a couple of important clients interested in the force behind the cooperation between Ecija and Estudio Muñiz.
A week later, I am just wondering with satisfaction in which Interact Law-city I should be spending a week next time.

Frank Boyle
Estudio Muñiz
Lima, Perú

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