The international competition is open

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Older News, Pacific Alliance news

Bodine says that strong collaboration in a network makes them serve international clients even better and more efficient than global firms do. Since every member in a network is a full service law firm, they naturally have more knowledge about their home market.

We make up a real big firm together

Is Interact Law as large as the networks Bodine mentions in his article? No, we are not (yet!), but we are growing rapidly. With 1000 plus experienced lawyers working in 45 countries, together we make up a real big firm, even though every firm is an individual, independent law firm. Together, we can really help our clients grow internationally.

Organisations that need service in several jurisdictions

With the energy and dedication of all our lawyers involved, we can compete with every global player right now. Our global clients team, headed by Peruvian globetrotter Frank Boyle Yrigoyen taking leads for potential organisations that need service in several jurisdictions. Do you have a client with legal needs around the globe, or are you a general counsel looking for dedicated lawyers abroad?

Contact us, we will be happy to offer our help!

Interact Law

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