Urgent GDPR Questions (and answers)

by | Jan 3, 2018 | GDPR news, Older News

My database contains many e-mail addresses of EU citizens, am I required to obtain their permission to retain their email addresses in my database?

I want to collect personalised details of my clients in the EU, do we need to inform them exactly about the purpose of our data collection?

Data processing for my company occurs in multiple EU Member States; do all the relevant supervisory regulators need to be contacted?

Is the right to be forgotten absolute? If a customer orders goods and I need his information to complete the order, do I have to delete that information upon request?

How are the GDPR requirements enforced when a business has assets in the EU?

All answers to this and other urgent questions you might have on GDPR, you can find in our GDPR guidance brochure, or get in touch.

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