De Vos & Partners

Personal, practical, creative, innovative and honest.

About us

De Vos & Partners was founded in 1994 and was started with three lawyers – today De Vos & Partners employs approximately 20 lawyers.

The team has a range of interests and specialities, thus enabling the ability to offer constructive advice and innovative solutions within all fields of Law. The firm aims to take the most direct route, making the legal practice clear and precise. In today’s traditional legal profession, De Vos & Partners stands out for its passion and modern outlook. The Firm is proud of the special position it holds within the European Union.

Key contact(s)

Joris Lensink

Joris Lensink


T: +31 (0) 20 2060 700

F: +31 (0) 20 2060 750

Contact details

Van Miereveldstraat 13

1071 DW, Amsterdam The Netherlands (visiting adress)

T: +31 (0) 20 2060 700

F: +31 (0) 20 2060 750


1 country

founded in 1990

3 languages

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate
  • Employment and Labour
  • General Practice and Litigation
  • Intellectual Property

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What Our Clients Say

‘InterAct Law is not only a rapid expanding group of trusted international colleagues, but it is also a group of interesting people, and even a team of good friends.’

Joris Lensink

Chairman Interact Law, Partner at De Vos & Partners, The Netherlands

‘The close relations to law firms in other countries around the world are extremely helpful for our clients and our firm by having reliable and highly professional business partners.’

Christian Heimerl


‘All of our meetings are really great. Sharing experience with renowned firms of such diverse cultures is really interesting.’

Ricardo Madrona


‘If I ask for some advice, I get it in a very fast and uncomplicated manner.’

Martin Pulver


“We have found a great group of professionals, friends and people. Being part of this group is an outstanding experience”

Ricardo Chacón

C&R Mexico